• Plane Go - Plane Tycoon
    Get ruby and escape from hunting missiles

    155651 people playing

  • Fish Mania - Escape from the Shark
    Get gold coins and unlock more fish

    6969789 people playing

  • Blocks Breaker
    A fun game to eliminate the bricks

    51451 people playing

  • Car Merger - Ideal Clicker Merger Game
    Merge cars and earn merge gems.

    2342341 people playing

  • Elimination of pet
    An addictive fruit elimination game

    234241 people playing

  • Lines Link Free
    Connect the same colorand cover the whole panel

    2342345 people playing

  • space fiend
    Straight ahead and avoid obstacles

    12334 people playing

  • To be land barons
    Start mixing and combining your house

    514515211 people playing

  • The Big Bang Fruit
    New and interesting puzzle game with fruits

    54545121 people playing

  • Five star balls
    Shooting dragon balls and break bricks

    14564515 people playing

  • Infinite Marbles
    Shooting endless dragon balls and break bricks

    212121 people playing